Tax Incentives

The Town of Middlebury has adopted the Middlebury Tax Incentive Policy in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes 12-65b and 12-65h (as amended). This policy establishes a tax incentive program for the Town and allows the Town to enter into written agreements with the owners and/or lessees of certain real property located within the Town Middlebury in order to fix tax assessments of real and/or personal property in the manner set forth by this policy.

The State of Connecticut also offers an Airport Development Zone Tax Incentive Program for businesses with an economic relationship to the Oxford Airport. Such businesses must be located in the Oxford Airport Development Zone and most of Middlebury falls within that zone. See Appendix A of the Tax Incentive Policy for a description of that program and application procedures as some businesses could qualify for either program and each has unique advantages.

Download our Middlebury Tax Incentive Application to see what you’ll need to tell us to qualify.